Hello and welcome to my CV! I finished my bachelor’s degree in Media Computer Science in late 2017. After that, I decided to pursue my passion for games and started studying Games at the HAW Hamburg, Germany’s oldest games course. I am currently in the process of writing my master thesis, which I expect to finish at the end of May.


April 2020

Wild Woods has been nominated for the DCP-Award (Deutscher Computerspielepreis) in the category “Newcomer Award - Best Prototype”.

December 2019

Wild Woods has been awarded the DEP-Award (Deutscher Entwicklerpreis) in the category “Ubisoft Newcomer Award - Students”.

July 2019

Wild Woods has been nominated for the Ditze-Award.

November 2018

My Bachelor Thesis has been awarded the CBC-Award (Cologne Broadcasting Center).


Wild Woods

Over the span of one year we (3 fellow students & me) developed a vertical slice of a couch-coop-survival-action game. My main tasks where:

  • game design
  • gameplay programming
  • world generation
  • AI
Potion Garden Witch

A prototype of an overcooked inspired game, but with witches that need to grow and catch living plants to brew potions. It also features fully functional online multiplayer.

Game Jams

During the last few years I participated in a few game jams. Some of the resulting games can be found on my itch page.


The first video game I ever created. Pocket Healer is a mobile game that features an MMO inspired combat system, broken down to its essentials. You are placed in the role of a healer and it is your job to keep your party alive until the boss is defeated.


We (a fellow student & me) developed a platform that matches people intending to use the same train route so they can share a ticket. We did most of the HCI together, afterwards I developed the backend and algorithms while he created the app.


Master Degree in Games

2018 - 2020
Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

Master Thesis

2019 - 2020
Editor- and runtime-programming in Unity

I am currently working on this thesis. I am developing a data pattern and the corresponding framework for Unity, based on the idea of splitting code into small components and connecting those via variables declared in scriptable objects. [more info]

Bachelor Degree in Media Computer Science

2012 - 2017
Technical University of Cologne

Bachelor Thesis

2016 - 2017
Conception and development in java

I analyzed to what extent different, Monte-Carlo-based learning algorithms are capable of solving the nondeterministic game 2048. I came to the conclusion, that mediocre results can be reached quickly, but Monte-Carlo-based algorithms can’t compete with modern, state of the art, agents. [1] [2]